Question on YafRay or other external renderers..

Does anyone know of an external renderer that I could use along with Blender 2.47? Im not familiar with this area at all. I read that the 2.47 version doesn’t work with Yafray and I tried it, it didn’t work. Not sure if it was because maybe I did something wrong though. I then tried to download Indigo and I couldn’t get that to work either. Again I’m not sure if it was me or the program. I’m thinking maybe there is an update I need for Indigo that I need, or maybe I’m just not doing it right. If anyone could help me out with some information on this subject or if you know of an external rendereer that will work with 2.47… I would really appreciate it. Or if anybody knows of any tutorials on this subject anywhere?



In you will find two engines, YafRay 0.0.9 and Yaf(a)Ray 0.1.0, the (a) is added in the 0.1.0 version to tell that they are different engines actually.

Both engines can be used with the current official release of Blender. With Yafray 0.0.9 there are some minor glitches ATM, you have to enable the XML button and therefore you can see the render progress.

YafRay 0.0.9 development was stopped in 2006, all the resources and hopes are in Yaf(a)Ray 0.1.0 development. You can download Yaf(a)Ray from here:


What about Indigo?
I downloaded it and what I got was a Python script, not sure how to install that!

Sounds like you downloaded Blendigo, the python exporter for Indigo. It is a script to export from Blender to the Indigo renderer.

I did try downoading Yaf(a)Ray again and I downloaded the QT Libs also. It seemed like it would work. But then when I hit Render the Render screen would pop up for a second and then I would get an error message saying the frogram needs to close and it all closes. Then I tried again turning off the XML button so I could try to get an XML file atleast. But then I just get the blank black screen when it renders which I kinda figured but I can’t find any xml file anwhere and its not in a the list for exporting. :frowning: I’m so ready to give up. I just want to find a way to make this work , any external renderer, as long as it works. Can someone please please help?

I tried it again with the XML button turned on and the the black render box showed up, stayed black. And the script type box that always shows up when I start up Blender said… " conversion is done; couldn’t find registry key for YafRay, is it installed?" Is there any way to fix this? Any way to find out what I did wrong if any thing? Any other External renderer that has integration?

are you bothered as to what sort of renderer it is? if not, try Lux - its an unbiased renderer (which means in real terms that it’s very slow) you might like it.

Like most of these external renderers, you’ll need to install the exporter which is a script you run in Blender, and also the renderer itself which can be installed like any other programme.

Lux is here:

There is still some confusion about what engine to download from and which settings control each engine. Just read the first pages of this document please: