Question... Poly Scene Count?

How much polys can a scene have… i know there is no specific answer, but for those who have done some games already might have an estimate or a number arrownd they like to work with, my scene is actually 16.000 polys and have somethings missing, i think that number would be duplicated once the scene is over… probably a lot more than 40k… without the character, since this is my first game and im doing all the modeling in my pc… but the logic an testing later on on an other (my vid card is an ATI Xpress200 of 256mb… shity thing :P), so… well thats the question.

Ive read somewhere that you can take it up tu 500k per scene, but it seemed a little to much for me... and probably youll need a Computer that will come to market 4 years form now to run it smothly…

Well, thats my doubt.

Sorry for my english, im actually from Uruguay and long time no use my english it`s a little bit rusty.

It is up to you, what the target device is.
I think you do not have that much choice rather than developing it in a way that it runs smoothly on your PC. If you have access to other PCs, try to run the standalone there. See if it runs smooth. Or ask friends to test.

You can even add some dummy performance eater to simulate a slow PC. So you can see what happens if a PC can handle all. I recognised that recording the game to video has a big performance impact. It also shows that some logic might not work as expected anymore (especially physics).