Question power of python in BGE

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Can python import any dll files or be necessary genesis for python?
Ex : RAD Video Tools sdk
Blender modeler (import blender ) can work in realtime or not ?
python in blander have a power to develop or gust script ?
THANKS :slight_smile:

does the RAD video tools sdk have a python library dll with the same version of python used in the blender version you are trying to run?

changes made to the scene or mesh aren’t shown until scene change or restart, and the blender module doesn’t exist in the player or plugin

what’s blander? develop or gust?

I’m sorry my language is bad
1- Can Python import or use any library? or the library most to be specification for Python?
2 - I need to change parent from object to another in real time ?
3 - python in blender have a power for develop “blender” or just for script ? maybe I need fix Physics problem or programming dynamic shadow in python in blender :smiley:

must be a python library

not possible

in the game engine python is limited to controlling objects, pulsing connected actuators, setting location/orientation, and reading stuff from sensors [like the list of objects sensed by a near sensor]