Question ( proper modeling for animation)

Hello everyone,
I am studying blender not for a long period of time and right now just cheking different videos in order to understand the proper way of modeling.

Last time i tried sculpture mode with multiresolution, but hte problem is that the model look cool only in sculpt mode,in object mode it is still looks like a cube:D

So the question is - can someone give me a piece of advice how to model if u want to animate it in future?
Should u use subdivision surface or just shade smooth or smth like that?


start by making your low poly model, then duplicate it, and sculpt the duplicate. now you can make the low poly one look like the high poly one with a) UV mapping, and b) normals baking. there are various tutorials out there on these things, and they are also documented in the blender wiki and the release notes, so it shouldn’t be any trouble to learn. the other thing you need to consider is getting correct topology on your low poly model. if it’s not quite right, your model won’t move properly when animated. look for some tutorials, or study some of the models in the WIP section, or the game engine section of the forum. the main thing is to have your edge loops in the right place.
(edit) also you could start a thread in the WIP section, or the focused critique section for some feedback.

Thank you for reply,Modron

The main problem is that i can`t ask the proper question to google it. I tried something like , " how to apply multiresolution outlook to object" , sound really stupid…
What i found - modeling with enabling topology( same result in object and sculpt mode) , but mesh is becoming really complex(not really problem), its weight becoming really huge cause of thousands of faces.

instead of using multires, try using dynamic topology. search for : 1) dynamic topology blender 2) normals baking blender 3) UV mapping blender. also try 4) edgeflow for low poly characters