Question regarding automatic saves and recovering them

So I was editing a char model mesh and somehow I must’ve accidentally pressed a key or moved the mouse too much that completely f*cked up the vertices in a way that ctrl Z does not even work.

So I decided to recover the most recent auto save and to my surprise the most recent one was basically at the same time of the mistake and the second most recent way from YESTERDAY (and I’ve been working with this model for about 3 hours now).

This is my save & load config:

If my auto-save time is 2 mins apart each, why I don’t have files from 15 min/30min/any goddamnit minute that it isn’t 15 hours ago?

PS: I have save version set to 0 to avoid those .blend1 .blend2…etc files, and the description itself says that it is for when manually saving, not auto-save files.

PS2: From what I’m seeing the actual recent auto-save is indeed being saved every 2 minutes, but it’s overreding itself, why? My conclusion based on the second most recent autosave being from yesterday is that blender creates a new autosave file for each SESSION. If this is true, holy shit this is next level misinformation.

Jesus I’m so mad

Ever found a solution? I’m constantly having the same issue. Before, I thought it was 4+GB file size, but now itz’s almost worse with a 300MB file…