Question Regarding Blender SSR (Please Help)

Hi Every one.

Sorry for posting this here, but I didn’t find the apropriate section for it.

First of all I’m new to blender, so couple of days ago I found about Blender SSR, but the problem is that so little info about it.

I want to know where I can buy Blender SSR or what ever package that is, what I’m interested in the Packages that bring the gameing into the GPRS and UMTS, So can anyone please give me a hint in the right direction.

Also, I want to ask if the package is different from the Blender Creator. and what kind of components does if have. is it more than one program?

Thanks in advance


what are you refering to as Blender SSR? Blender Publisher? The web plugin? The game engine?


Is this something to do with the mobile phone software initiative that NaN started?

The community was never well informed about this and I doubt that it’s even possible for Ton to reveal exactly what the plans were, considering that those rights were not included in the open source dealie. To tell the truth, I don’t know anything about it other than reading the one article that cropped up about a week before the bankruptcy anouncement. (can’t remember or find it anymore, it was found by someone in the old forums…)

Maybe you can tell us what Blender SSR was supposed to be…

Maybe if you can tell us where you saw a link to this and where you heard about it we might be able to help

Thank you all for replying

Yes Blender SSR is intended for Mobile phones, You can find the article in

If this doesn’t open just go to and start a search with blender handle, Also you can look into

I hope This thing is released cause it’s a real time saver. :smiley:

Thanks again


That might have been true at some point, but since NaN Technologies BV went Bankcrupt, I don’t think that is still in their projects… sadly…