Question regarding Displacement Maps and Mesh

I’m just getting into using displacement maps and have created a couple to play with. Result looks pretty good in render mode and I was wondering if is there a way to convert the rendered mesh of a displacement map into actual mesh that can be used on a high poly model or applied to clay so it is sculptable to make the displacement sharper?

I’ve tried to find more info on this, but most everything I’ve found so far only shows how to apply a map, so I thought I’d ask the community.

I apologise if I have mis-posted to this forum and should have been posted this in the materials forum, but I’m working a model that I would really like to convert maps into mesh and thought this was the appropriate forum.

how are you applying the map? if it’s through the displacement modifier, you just hit Apply and you get the actual displaced mesh

Hmm, I tried that and got nothing. MUST… Trrryyy AAAAggain!!! (lol) Thanks for the reply dyf, (will give it another try.)

dyf is correct. If you are using a texture with the displace modifier you press the Apply button.

Show us what you have before and after pressing apply. Show us the modifier stack and nodes etc and preferably your .blend file

Thanks Richard, Not necessary, I’ve found the error of my ways and got a resulting mesh. I have a funny feeling either I did not have enough mesh in the area I wanted the displace to apply or my modifier stack was wrong.

Thank you both dyf and Richard. Marked as Solved.