Question regarding live characters and 3D environment

Hey all,

I’ve been debating between live action or animated actors and my question is based on lighting / shadows from a 3D environment. What I’m looking to do is use a light source from a window but project it onto the character as if they were in the scene. I haven’t seen the technique on this and was wondering if anyone could point me toward a tutorial that they may know of.

Again, the environment is going to be all 3D with a live actor shot on green screen. All lighting effects done in Blender.

Thank you all for any pointers on this in advance.

As far as shadows are concerned you should have some objects on set that would mimic your CG objects if you want them to cast shadows on your actor. You should simply have objects that cast real shadows on real person. Shadows are very hard to handle in post. If you want to do it right, I’d suggest watch this:

That’s exactly what I was looking for and it poses some issues that I hadn’t thought of. The opening scene will be outside and at a distance, so that shouldn’t be too bad for compositing. The rest will be mostly indoors with a mix between moon light and sun light.

I greatly appreciate you pointing this video out. It’s already a huge help.