Question regarding measurements in 2.8

Hello. I’m new to Blender 2.8, (I have Feb 2 release) and blender in general.

This is my current blender file:

I’m having trouble with understanding how the measurement system works. I have put things on the (++) quadrant of the XY axis, for ease of calculation. Yet no.s are not adding up in the transform menu>>location

  1. The “base” layer contains the object that is 5x3x0.05 on scale and yet I have to put in location as X=5, Y=3, Z=0.05 . I’m wondering why I’m not putting 0,0,0 in location values when I’m trying to align it exactly at the start of the (+,+) quadrant.

  2. When I add “Cube.001”, with scale 3x2.5x0.05, I have to put the location as X=3, Y=8.5, Z=0.05. I’m pretty confused as to how the location works.

  3. I’m trying to make assets for my game in 1:1 ratio, so how can I make sure that works. Are there settings I need to change in blender?

I must say, I’m really happy with Blender 2.8’s interface. It is so light and smooth.

It seems that one of the solutions to this problem is that instead of moving the object (which moves based on its origin), I had to place the individual vertices at their correct position by going into the edit mode.

@Mod: Please lock it, I found the solution elsewhere (blender discord).