Question Regarding Meshes

Hi im new to these forums and ive been using blender for about 1 week now and its HARD! lol I really would like to use it for modeling but i got no clue how lol. But I think ill be able to learn it, anyway, I was hoping someone knows how to make the meshes walls thicker. Like I created a mesh cylinder and took the top off of the cylinder and then you can see inside the cylinder and the wall of the cylinder is like flat so how do I get it to be thicker (the walls taht is)? Thanks you guyz


in certain programs it’s called “to solidify” meshes. in blender you’d do that manually. select all vertices of the open side, press E for extrude, confirm to extrude, press S for scale and scale them down a bit (wall thickness). left click. in a side view ( numpad 3) again E for extrude, this time move the mouse down, while pulling down middle-click to constrain the movement along the vertical axis. before you reach the bottom, again left click. one final extrude, scale a bit. with the vertices still selected, press ALT+M to weld them.


thank you solmax ill try that and let u know how it turns out

One thing that can come in handy is Alt+S (scale along normals)

Select the entire mesh, E for extrude, enter straight away to leave it in place, then Alt+S.