question regarding Revision 59763 (VSE color management)

Sergey added the following to the trunk log regarding r59763:

“Color managed color didn’t work properly for float sequencer frames. Like, it seems it never worked actually.”

I find it somewhat disturbing so I wonder if anyone has a clue about what it “actually” means.
Or shall I go ahead and ask him directly?

From what I read in the developers email list, it had something to do with either conversion between float and integer, or it used integer and should have been float. That was the gist of it that I caught.

As I’m aware of, in C programming, there is a big difference in precision of float 16, float 32 and float 64. Since Floats can have infinite precision there is bugs in software that may not be caught for a long time, that deal with integer to float (all precisions) and vice versa.

That’s just what I took from the conversation, but if you want more detailed spec, then you’ll have to contact him.
Probably it’s like audiophiles talk about getting close to pure audio reproduction, but most users never notice the difference.

Thanx for the pointer to the dev mailing list, didn’t noticed it was being discussed there, I will check it out.

I would try asking Yellow as well at the blendersVSE blog, he has great color handling insight.

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