Question: Render Result? Or how to continue working on a Composite?

Hello Blender Community

I’m currently working on a Blender Project and i’m using Composite Nodes. Is it possible to import a previously rendered Result and continue with compositing? In the Node-View, theres this Button “Read Saved Render Results”. But it doesen’t seem to do anything… i searched all the documentation i’m aware of, but i couldn’t find anything useful on that topic.

To put it short: What i want to do is rendering a composite, be able to close Blender and maybe later on, change my Node setup without the need to re-render all my “Render-Layer Nodes”.

Can somebody point me out how to do that? And how the “Read Saved Render Results” works?

Thanks a lot
// daten


How about an image node?

space bar…add…input…image.

Hi OBI_Ron Thanks for your reply. Yeah, adding a Image Node could work… but then i have to render all my Render-Layers to Images and then add them as Image Nodes? And if i want to change one of the Layers i have to swap the Image Node with the Render-Layer-Node? Seems to be rather tedious work… i guess i could life with that though. Still waiting for a answer to my “Read Saved Render Results” Question :wink: