Question: Renderings with tesselation and parallax mapping

Hi there, I would like to ask you a question. Is it possible for Blender to tesselate a surface on a rendering?

For example, instead of having millions of polygon data for a realistic ground in a scene, wouldn’t, it could be better having hundreds of polygons instead. Then the renderer could dynamically tesselate the polygons needed in a viewport and make the surface very detailed.

As you see below, the most recent advance in computer graphics (DirectX11) is hardware tesselation to make that kind of surfaces (I am very sure this implementation can be ported in OpenGL also, but I can not find any references on it now).

But this is not a new concept, as you already know there are the shader-based graphics where parallax mapping or displacement mapping techniques can occur and produce visually detailed graphics.

In my opinion, it would be very interesting if Blender could render that kind of surfaces, because it’s very practical and clever to achieve nice details without growing the complexity of the scenes (or at least any of the existing open source renderers).

Wow! Thanks a lot, I have not used the 2.49 enough! I jumped to the 2.5 series from the very beginning.

An update, I found yesterday about the Relief Mapping implementation made by Fabio Polycarpo.

You can see in this webpage that there is a plugin for 3DSMax render, if anyone could port it on Blender it would be a dream.

Just an idea if some one is interested…

Good bye!