Question - set font on text3d object

Hello. I’ve managed to write a script to create a bunch of Text3D Blender objects and I’ve managed to load a font so that it shows up in the Blender interface as loaded. But how do I apply that font to those objects in a script? I’ve been looking at the Blender Python API, but I can’t figure it out. (I’m a bit of a Python newb.)

I’m a little surprised that this question hasn’t been asked more often. Either that or my search kung-fu is NOT powerful.

Hmm, indeed, it looks like some documentation is missing from the Text3d class documentation

Checking it looks like there should be a getFont() and a setFont(font) function.

The setFont(font) takes a Font object ( ), the getFont() returns one.

Hope this helps.


Oh thank goodness. As soon as you said that I realized that I was going crazy looking for just this function. “It can’t be more complicated than that. It just CAN’T!” :slight_smile: Thanks so much. I’ll give it a whirl tonight.