question: Sound effects

(rwv01) #1

Ok, here’s a wierd question.

Why is it that in commercials and cartoons many of the sound effects sound to me exactly identical to those used in cartoons over 30 years old?

After hearing them so many times you come to recognize them.

Can any one tell me what the deal is?

(digitalSlav) #2

i recognize them! the number one sound i have ever heard is the sound in doom when the gigantic head on the wall spits out a block that turns into a monster when it hits the ground (very last level). also if you play rainbow six or goldeneye 007 (n64) the bullet sounds when it hits metal or some kind of wall is used in too many movies to mention. stuff like that hits me all the time. my only guess is that if it works why change it? when you do 3d work do you ever scoure the internet for an explosion wave and a gun shot? probably the same as the pros and their library of digital samples.

(WeirdHat) #3

You spelled weird wrong!

(phlo) #4

as i read in the last issue of the 3DWorld mag there
ist often not enough time/money to produce
new sounds for small productions.
they simply use some sounds from a sampling-cd.

there are a lot of these cd’s with effects.


(rwv01) #5

Hmm… ok. 'coarse.
Guess that should’ve been obvious but hey!

Oh and sorry for miss spelling weird WeirdHat. Nothing personal. :slight_smile: