[Question] Subdivide tool

I just recently got into 3d modeling because i wanted to make mods for a few games. Currently i’m stuck on using subdivide to divide a wall of a building. When subdividing the wall, the adjacent wall’s median point shifts towards the wall that was just subdivided. The point shifts more and more as the number of divides increases. Is there an a way to change this or another way to go about this? Help would be very much appreciated!

(Little bit hard to see, the top shows the move better)

This has been asked many times already.
You start with a mesh that consists of quad faces. If you select one face and subdivide it, you get 4 new quads (face with 4 vertices/edges) and turn surrounding faces to n-gons (faces with more than 4 vertices/edges). If you subdivide an n-gon or otherwise add vertices/edges to it, you get an n-gon.

When starting with a cube and end up with 4 faces on that particular side, your options are to

  • add loop cuts (ctrl+R) to both directions
  • do it like that and deal with n-gons afterwards (vertex connect J, knife K, others)
  • subdivide the whole thing
  • subdivide and turn on tri/quad mode from the operator panel (bottom of the tool shelf or F6) after that
    in order of most preferred first.

I have to wonder why the position of that little dot bothers you? Obviously the face median point is determined based on the vertices on the bounding edges rather than the area of the face, but what does it matter? Afaik, the only effect that dot has is when you try to select the face, your mouse pointer needs to be near the dot for the selection to work properly.

Is this causing you some kind of problem other than noticing an unexplained visual artifact of Blender’s internal workings?

The information missing here is - why are you subdividing that face? Without that info, there is no way to answer your question (if you still want to know)

Is there … another way to go about this?