[Question] Testing transparency with Ray Transp

Hi guys

I was wondering how I could show the colors of each of the tiny cubes inside the “wrapping”. At first I had ray mirror turned on so i thought that was causing the surface to reflect the surrounding, but I’ve turned it off and its still showing what’s inside the wrapping without their colors as you can see in the second pic.

Hope you guys can enlighten me on what I am misisng. Thank you :smiley:

ps sorry about noise, it was just some quick renders doing testing


The first things to check that for all the materials you have set TraShadow in the shaders panel so they recieve transparent shadow and see if increasing the transparency depth value helps. Not tried it in a blend but worth a look at.

thanks i tried setting trashadow for the wrapping and the gems inside or just the wrapping or just the gems. Still no use

Which version of Blender are you using?

And I’m not sure if I understand your quesition…
You mean, you want to see the reflections of the cubes on the bottom of the wrapping?
I’m a bit unsure due to the shape of the wrapping: Is it a transparent solid or a thin reflective foil?

If it’s the first and you have the cubes inside a solid transparent, I fear that wont work for blender…
Maybe it works, if you copy all the cubes, join them with the wrapping and then invert the normals on the cubes inside the wrapping - that would be like bubbles inside a transparent liquid. Only, that the bubbles are cube-shaped :slight_smile:

But I think, Blender doesn’t handle what’s inside a soliid. Only what’s behind it…

If it’s reflective foil: reflections should work just fine… The only reason why it wouldn’t reflect is, because the angle doesn’t work for that. However, that seems unlikely, considering such a complex (wobbly/ foldy) shape…

It could be that this works with a render branch build of blender, rather than a normal one…
There you also have indirect light, which might help a little.

Oh and one more thing: up your ray depth. If it’s at the default of 2 rays for each of those materials, most of the rays get killed before they exit the second material, making it impossible. Try maybe a raydepth of 5 or if you don’t mind fairly long renders, go all the way up to 10.
What this does is, if the ray bounces n times, it gets killed because Blender considers it to never escape…
Same goes for reflections to avoid infinite reflections… ;
This could easily be the reason for your problem.

I hope, that helps :slight_smile:

Edit: look at the two attached images. The materials slightly changed between those renders so don’t look at the dark reflective material. The important part is the lower left spot of the object, where it has a strange black triangular shape. On that part, the raydepth (default of 2) was too low. I bumped it all the way up to 10 which increases the render times a lot but the issue was gone. - Probably in this case, I could have gotten away with raydepth 3-5, though…
You might also see slight changes in reflections: I also bumped up the reflection depth :slight_smile:


thanks for the tips

this is what I have so far with max depth

the “gems” are still showing no colors, probably they are just refraction from the ray transp?

oh and to answer your question, i want the wrapping to see the gems inside, i am seeing the gems but their colors are gone and instead now they are blackish colors


Ok, so it’s a transparent material…
Did the raydepth change anything? (It seems like you changed the wrapping material’s colour, so that doesn’t count but can you spot refraction differernces?)
I’m having a hard time comparing the two results directly, because they are so far appart^^
At least it seems like the cubes aren’t blackish now, are they?

Yes I’ve changed the color of the wrapping and no the cubes inside are still black even though they have colors, i’ve uploaded the .blend file. I think that will help you guys help me what’s going on :smiley:



cloth_test2.blend (588 KB)