Question to Archviz artist (high poly models)

Do you use high poly assets for decoration purposes?

I make wicker stuff (mainly baskets). After some model optimization polygon count is still pretty high and I fear it is not really useful.

69,780 polygons

114,619 polygons

Would like to hear your thoughts on this topic.


I know many people which are in archviz, serious archviz. Mostly they use highly optimized models… but sometime client demand something more, or they made piece for studio portfolio. Hundreds of thousands or even million polys for just one plant, for example. So all depend of specific project. Your models look very good even in extreme close up. For high end archviz this numbers are acceptable I guess.


Are you thinking of selling them? Why not put them out there? It’s one time work.
Either way this is the sort of thing that would/could get used, especially if it is in the focal point of a composition.

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I’ve actually put them on blenderkit and CGmood but have no feedback if these are any good. That’s why I’m asking here.

These aren’t high poly at all these days. Also, they are unique objects so there won’t be many in the scene. They can always be instanced, reffed from external, or render proxies, but really, I wouldn’t worry about these kinds of counts at all, for assets with this purpose.

Also, these models are top quality. No worries there either. :smiley:

The giraffe like one on your Artstation is particularly outstanding.


If you wish to sell such models it’s better to find some site which is specialized in archviz stuff. So people which use other software can see them. Archviz is still Max domain :nerd_face:
These guys buy such stuff even if they do not have project for them… just in case. Important is to make research what is “fancy - trendy”… I see stuff which I never put in my house, but they still sell in numbers :roll_eyes: In short, less artistic, more pragmatic.


Plus most ArchViz artists are lazy/bad modelers so they do buy a lot of this stuff :laughing:


Couple year ago in my local art forum dude ask for “spiders” which connect glass panels on building facade… couple cylinders and disks :no_mouth:
But archviz is always rush. Not only deadline is mostly insane, also clients always demanding changes in last moment. There is no time for modelling, so most of them are … moderate modelers.
Anyway some dudes make beautiful private works, but in office they mostly use big libraries of models. Waste of talent.