Question to people that have Maya

So, I looked into jobs for animation positions to see what I would have to work up to and I found one common requirement. The animator has to be very good with Maya. I looked at the price on the internet and it’s like $3495. How did some of you get Maya? I’d like to get familiar with Maya before I (hopefully) attend the Art Institute of Seattle.

They do have free trials and student additions that you can get. If you going to attend AI Seattle they will have it there, they did when I went to AI Las Vegas, and they will give you classes in everything you need to know. Also there are other means of getting full version software without paying full price…not strictly legal and I of course would never endorse such practices…but they do happen.

Data go to the Autodesk site and download academic edition of MAYA and XSI and what you need. Just enroll to the site and set “homeschooled” that means you are learning from home. You will get the option to get any porduct of Autodesk including Sketchbook academic editon licensed for 4 years , non-comercial, with wathermark, and closed format .obj if i remember for 3D programs.