(Forrest) #1

i’ve got a question about blender. does somebody have a lot of information about blender???
I know blender and i’ve used it several times but now i’ve gotta make a report about blender for school and i can’t really explain it in text.
So if anybody has a lot of info about blender plz tell me!!!

(blenderanim) #2

Try the Blender site and poke around for press releases and information. Some of the information is still there and sounds like what you need for a start.

(IamInnocent) #3

There’s plenty of info, just about every where : ask Googles. Unless you are in preparation for a post-doc thesis, that much material may proove overwhelming. There’s still plenty to learn from the NaN site itself at . The five or six links at the top of the page are still active and the information they provide is nicely condensed which should give you a template for your own work. Since you’re experienced with Blender, you shouldn’t have much trouble filling up and explaining the details when necessary.

Best luck.