(gargola) #1

how do you make an object or character follow the mouse cursor?it can be done right?if yes,how?please help! he he! :slight_smile:

(cluh) #2

Yes, it can be done. Maybe I will an example

(gargola) #3

are you going to make an example?

(cluh) #4

Here you are.

note: that is not a zip file. After you download it, rename it to a .blend file.

(gargola) #5

it is a .zip file,i renamed it and double clicked it and there is nothing inside.why you made it like that?do you know how to compress files? please fix it. :slight_smile:

(cluh) #6

It is not a zip file. Don’t try to unzip it. Just rename it to mousetrack.blend and open it in blender. I renamed it to .zip because if I upload a .blend on tripod, it will open the .blend as a text file.

(gargola) #7

ok…got it! thanx. :slight_smile:

(cluh) #8

Glad I could help. :slight_smile: