(Turkey) #1

Can some one tell me how to make the sun look better???

(Jolly Gnome) #2

Cripes! It looks… awkward…
take off at least the “rings”…
and if you’re using sphere with textures as background, you might want to try to use a narrow spotlight with the “halo” turned on and turned to face the camera.

(pofo) #3

damn geocities, won’t work for me even if I copy and paste.

Please all geo/yahoo users put your stuff on a proper page and link to it. Might take a (very) little longer but you’ll get more people to watch it.

  1. pofo

(theresnothi) #4

Add a disc for it.

Create a small sphere around the halo, increase the halo size to account for that, and add a material to the sphere of the color you want with the emit turned up (or even [shaded] turned off). last add a lense flare, customized to your liking.

(Zweistein) #5

I would make it with particles. If you are able to work with them, you egt very nice suns and other thinks.