(gargola) #1

What do you think of Flash Ninja?is it good?

With me alone working on it(just 1 person working on it) it’s going to take forever to finish the game.So,if anybody wants to help me on the project…then,it would be good to have some other ideas for the game and correct the things i’m doing wrong.anybody? :smiley:

(S_W) #2

I think the game is a good idea, but the graphics, especially the textures are not so good.
It would be better if you didn’t stretch the textures so much and tile it more. And some vertex painting for lighting would be great, too.
I hope this helps you a litte bit. :wink:

(IngieBee) #3

Actually, I wouldn’t worry so much about the looks, since it’s easier to work out the game with the simplistic look you have. After you come up with your whole story and adventure, and have it all worked out, It shouldn’t be hard to do the graphics. I think game content is more important, and you got it to a great start. Now, create your puzzel (what the player needs to do to “save the city” and come up with ways to leave hints as to how to do it, or quests that they have to do to get what’s needed. (like the key :wink: ) do a lot more of that stuff, and worry about graphics at the end (or do it seperately but don’t incorperate till the end)

Well, that’s my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Love ya, Ingie

PS I love this kind of game, compared to shoot em ups, LOL (even with fighting, but need to solve a puzzel, that I like)

(saluk) #4

I agree with Ingee. The graphics are not so important, they can be tidied up later. I think you should add a run mode that’s twice as fast as how he walks now, because it DOES feel to slow when you’re walking to the other city. Might not be such a problem when there are lots of things to do and look at on the way, but it’s hard to tell. Adding more things around the world, more stuff to do, more puzzles, etc; that’s the most important thing. Keep up the good work.

(gargola) #5

well,thanx guys!!!(and thank you Ingie :wink: ) i’ll try and do my best. :smiley: