(gargola) #1

i got one model…it’s not divided on several parts,only one model.the question is: how can i apply different textures to the model,so when i render it it shows the different textures?

ps: note,i said to render it,not in the realtime engine(or game engine).

(theeth) #2

You can apply more than one material to a mesh using the Mat, New, Apply, … buttons at the left of the Edit Buttons window.


(gargola) #3

but,when i do that,i got an error message…“not a decimated mesh”…what’s wrong?

(dwmitch) #4

Look to the left of the block you were working with. You were trying to apply decimation (which under the right circumstances reduces the poly-count.) The block of controls to the left of that block are the texture buttons. Search the knowledge base for a detailed lesson on how to use them.

(YAYA) #5

The buttons are below one witch is marked “# Mat: #”
with “new” you create a new index, for the object, for assigning a material to a selection of vertices.
As many indices you have, as many material you can assign to your mesh.
with “delete” (you gess)
under, you have “select” and “deselect” for selecting (or deselecting the vertices that depends on the active index.
finally, you have “assign” for assigning the vertices selected the active index.
My english is so far to be perfect, so I hope being helpful!! :-?

(gargola) #6

thanx for your help guys! :smiley: