(gargola) #1

when i press ctrl+alt+c a copy menu appears,let’s say that i want to copy the logic bricks of an object.the question is how do i paste those properties onto another object? please help! :smiley:

(mainman) #2

Yes, I figured it out!
Ok here’s the deal:
first; select the object you want to paste the logic bricks on,
then; shift-select the object you want the logic bricks to copy from
then you press ctrl-alt-c and select logic bricks
then they both have the logic bricks from the object you last selected!
got it?
glad I could help…

(gargola) #3

Thanx man! :smiley:

(mainman) #4

youre welcome…I dindt know it but I figured it out specially for you!
thats pretty nice for a ‘forum newbie’ right? (though I’ve been blendering for 2 years…)

(Abracsis) #5

yer this forum newbie thing is annoying. although it does make me want to post more pointless things …like this!


(gargola) #6

mainman: by the way,that break dance games is going to be cool and hilarious! he he! :smiley:

(S_W) #7

Cool! I didn’t even know that keyboard command! Thanx!! :smiley:

(mainman) #8

pointless posts to get rid of the ‘newbie-status’?
you mean like this:

well anyway, thanx for saying that my game is going to be cool, gargola…
my post about it only recieved 5 replys while it has been viewed over a hundred times! why doesnt anyone tell me that its cool?!!

(gargola) #9

well,sometimes it’s like that,you never get the ammount of replies that you want…then,you just keep working on games that is all that matters,right? he he! :smiley: