im trying to make this heres the link how do i make the frame curve?

You’re in the wrong forum section. Please use “Blender General” for questions.

What you could probably do is use a NURBS curve.

If you add a NURBS curve, make sure you select 3D by going into the Curve and Surface panel on Editing Tab (F9).

To tell you the truth I would probably only make a quarter of the frame with the curve.

Then is object mode I would add a NURBS circle and make it the diameter you want the bar to be (ie quite small). Name it “Diameter” or whatever you want to call it.

Then you select the NURBS curve again and go into the Edit Tab (F9) and type the name of your NURBS circle in BevOb field.

This will give you a quarter of your frame.

Then it’s a matter of performing Duplicate and mirror functions until you’ve got your whole frame.

Anyway - there might be better ways of doing this - but this is what springs to mind for me.

Is it possible to have this moved to Blender General?


Found a better way.

Use the NURBS curve to complete a quarter of the frame (with 3D selected like in the above post).
Then select it in Object Mode, SHIFT+D to duplicate, CTRL-M to mirror (on Y Axis), CNTRL-J to Join the curves to make a larger curve.

Select the larger curve in Object Mode, SHIFT+D to duplicate, CNTRL-M to mirror (on X Axis), CNTRL-J to Join the curves to make the curve for the entire frame.

Then add a NURBS circle in Object mode, select the frame curve again, Select Editing tab (F9) and type the object name of the NURBS Circle in the BevOb field.

Then you’ll have your frame complete.
You can convert it to Mesh if you like and add the appropriate materials etc.

Pretty much the same as my last post but I changed the order a bit. This way is much easier and cleaner.


ok thanks guys