Well, I had posted this on, but the forum is slow, and it takes almost forever to get an answer. But anyways…

I am in the middle of making a game, and I want to pre-render a scene, and place it in the game. I have a few solutions, but I am not sure if the engine supports it:

  1. I can render an avi file and run it when I need to…

  2. I can render each individual frame into a jpeg, bmp, or some other kind of picture file, and make an animated texture out of it, and place the texture on a plane. Then place the plane in front of the camera, and play the scene when I need to…


  1. I can render each individual frame, and place a single picture on a plane. Then, place the plane in front of the camera. And replace the plane with another plane with the picture of the next frame on it.

So, basicly, I am trying to make a cg scene, and play it in the middle of the game. Are any of these solutions possible?

Well im not to for sure about all those animated texutre ideals. I don’t think blender supports that yet. (correct me if im wrong)

  • I know it supports uv mapping all your frames on a texture then using some method to switch them this is tedious and not practicle for a real animation.

  • new 2.41 supports blender textures but I coulnd not get avi to work past the first frame as a texture in the game engine.

So I would check this out , its a way to load a avi , maybe in conjunction with the new 2.41 demo (split screen demo) you could get this to render directly to the view port. Anyways its worth a look. This is a python script/exe that allows you to play movies.

I heard that at least the newest one could handle animated textures, but I have never done it myself. I will try the link you gave me, and pray it works.

I haven’t tried the movie player actuator… but it was in there with Ultimate Blender 2b. Basically it’s a spin off from the official build. Well… it’s pretty much official since I think all these new things will soon be incorporated in the coming official 2.41 build anyhow.

If seems dreamkatana had the first 2.41 build up… so take a look.

You can find the build here

Jason Lin

I have been using 2.41 , :frowning: i have windows.

this is where I got it.

This seems newer, maybe a differnt version alltogether. The ones I have worked with did not have a movie acuator in the logic bricks.