I got a problem I need to edit two objects at the same time, in order to join them.
Also, my normals are messed up and I think its causing my model to look weird when I set it to smooth.
Also, x-axis mirror stoped working :frowning:



You cant edit 2 objects at the same time. To join 2 objects, select the first, shift select the second, then press ctrl-j. To re-calculate normals, in edit mode, select all, then press ctrl-n. How are you using x axis mirror?

I first began using it to move verteses without having to do both sides, but then it stoped working at some point. Now I got som faces that I need to move or extrude on each side.
and thanks for your reply.

How can I split the two objects I just joined so that they are no longer editable at the same time? ( I ran out of undos and I saved it :frowning: )


To split 2 objects that you just joined, in edit mode, select a vertex, then press ctrl-L. This should select all linked vertices, and should all belong to the object you joined. After they are selected, press p, then click on “Selected”. Now all thos verts will be a separate object. I’m not sure why the mirror would stop working, can you post your .blend file?

Thanks again. I got the mirror thing figured out.