I am trying to model a window sill and I want the edges to make a 90 degree curve back to the wall keeping the current shape. Is there a way to do the curve without having to manually set alot of vertices?

There is. The “Spin” function. It can automatically extrude and revolve a group of vertexes in a circular pattern. You can set it to revolve the group only 90 degrees.

Here’s a good tutorial. Look under Spin and SpinDup.

I tried that before but I couldn’t get the results I wanted but, Im going to stay with the spin even though its not exaclly what i wanted.

Yes, try it again. It does exactly what you’re looking for, at least as far as I have understood your first post. Make sure to go into top view (or which view shows the model from the top for you) and set the curso at the center of the rotation. Otherwise you might have some weird results, no doubt.

This has nothing to do with your question but do you go to the university of alaska at fairbanks? just wondered cause i saw UAF in your user name.