Hey guys, and girls.

I have been using blender for about… 2 years or more, off and on. I think it is two years, BUT, it hasn’t been steady 2 years. Anyways, my question to you guys is, How long did it take before you got good at blender, because, I am not getting anywhere… I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am trying, I have downloaded numerous tutorials and tried a lot of them, but I don’t know if i am getting it all… The tutorials will say something in them and I wont know what it is talking about, such as doing something with a hot-key, but they wont say the hot-key so i wont get it… i am just not getting any better at blender and I just wanted to know if it is just that I will never be good at this, or if it just takes a long long time… because after this 2 years or so, I have nothing to show for it, I mean, I look at your guy’s artwork and I say, “Wow… Someday hopefully I can do that…” But i said that 2 years ago and I STILL cant turn a cube into a puppy… Sad, Yes, I know, But, i don’t know, I am going to stick with it until i get it, but i just wanted to know how long it took for some of you, and if there is anything i can do to help myself learn a little better. Thanks you guys.:slight_smile:


I will put you around confused…

Dont worry man. It takes time. I have used blender since 1998 and I still feel like a n00b.

I’m certainly not a professional by any means, but if you’re wondering how long it’s taken me to get this far, then I’d say… about one year.

EDIT: Nope, I tell a lie. One and a half.

If you have not done so already, go through every tutorial that you can get your hands on. Might as well benefit from someone else’s experience. This is the best way to get guided hands-on experience with Blender. Once you get comfortable you start getting more adventuresome!

edit: If you see a tutorial that is not complete in it’s instructions, do the author a favor and let them know.

Well… It took me two months to get the basics memorised… But if you can’t make a cube into a puppet, then you really need to train! :slight_smile:

Curtis: See above.

I think what your problem might be is that you are looking to much into it.
Stop worring about all the tools and options and etc…
just learn the very basic cube extrude move points and such. stop looking at
animations textures scripts gaming and so forth. just pic out an object right on your desk like a pen and start very generic with it . Like a cylinder and so on .
the big picture of the software can be over kill on the mind and keep you so busy
learning that you cant create anything.
This is a lesson I have to keep reminding my self over and over again.

Thanks, I will take that in to consideration. Well… Back to blendering… making a folder… yes, lame, i know… See!!

Not lame, we all started there. Even if you have used blender for years, you will still feel like you are starting all over at times. Especially as fast as blender gains new features. Just keep working on making models, learn new things as you need them not just because it is there.

I have used blender for over 6 years and there are still whole areas of blender that I haven’t explored yet. When I need those features, then I will learn about them, until then, I have projects to complete and models I want to play with.:wink:

i didnt “get it” until I had to use B on a daily basis for a month to produce an animated TV commercial (60 seconds). I dont think causually you can retain and/or get your head around all its features and how they all interlink.

RogerWickes is right, regularly using blender is best.:slight_smile:

Sticking to the basics at first and once you have remembered the basic keys for the basic commands and use them failingly then try something more advance.
I remember when I first looked at a 3d program and the first thing I wanted to model was an F-14 Tomcat :eek:… I mean, I wasn’t even sure what a polygon was, Ohh the memories… and you now what, I still haven’t made that F-14 Tomcat:p. Try simple and work up.
Personally I think as simple as it is, you did an excellent job on that folder. That looks like what it is supposed to look like, so you’ve done a good job! :yes:
About time, it depends on how busy you are normally, you can’t get out of it what you don’t put into it, and 3d is difficult at all levels, so you just need patience and it will come.
I found blender difficult at first, but then I tried a few other programs, and found really there is no difference, principles the same. So I gave blender another go and guess what, never looked back. Keep at it, I am sure you will get there. And keep it simple! Good health to you!

Time and persistence, that’s all I can say. Two years on and off and you aren’t going to get far. If you really want to learn as much as you say you do, devote as much time to practicing as your schedule allows. If you start to get frustrated at something, work on something easier that you can do for a bit, then go back to your problem when you’re calm again. Also, don’t depreciate yourself. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE on this board either is a newbie or was one at one time.

One thing I notice when reading your post, is that you’re focusing far too much on doing tutorials. All I can say would be to stop doing tutorials immediately and start playing around.

Tutorials usually only tell you to press this or that button, but like learning at school, the stuff doesn’t stay in your head.
When you play around, you discover things by yourself and you’ll start doing more and more. With a tutorial, you won’t break out of that box.

That’s my opinion at least. I’ve only used a hand full of tutorials to get where I’m now. I’m not the best artist, but I do think I can make a lot without being affraid for it.
When I’m trying to model or sculpt a human head, I won’t go looking for a tutorial. Instead, I’ll look for reference material and figure out how to create it myself. It’s just a bunch of vertices and well organized edge loops, nothing more, nothing less :wink:

Hope this helps you to break out of the tutorial box as well :slight_smile:

I assume that you havent used any other 3D software before when you started to learn 3D. Your experience reminds me when i jumped in 3D world. I have used 3d softwares 10 years now and 8 years of that i have used 3Dmax and i have tried many other softwares too before i switched to blender. Two years is long time but when learning 3D its just a good start unfortunately (patience, patience, patience, hard work :slight_smile: . It’s all worth it, believe me ) . Basicly my tip for you is: Try to understand 3D world first before getting fustrated to software. Software is just a tool, and 3D world is everywhere because 3D has maded for simulating real world. So basicly you can learn 3D just looking little bit closer things in life and think what’s happening there. Read a lot’s of tutorials (you dont have to do those tutorials , you can just read it and still learn) not just blender related. Most difficult part of 3D is REALLY understanding 3D (how and why topology goes/how materials act in RL and how to send them in 3D software/Difference of material and texture/How lighting behaves in real world and how to create it in 3D software etc.). Dont just look how everything seems in RL, mistrust everything you see and you will find lots of wonderful things in life. My opinion is that 3D is more likley science or philosophy than art.

When learning modelling you have to know tools of course how to create models. You basicly dont have to do anything sensible. First try to understand what tool does by using it and then you can learn it. With 3D knowledge and knowing basic tools , you can say for yourself that you are not n00b anymore :). All this learning pain WILL be worth it. And remember, that i have used 3d softwares 10 years now and im still learning everyday something new. That is most interesting part of 3D: eternal learning. Artwork is just small part of 3D :).

I hope this motivates you to try more and keep on going towards to wonderful world of 3D! :). it will be worth it! When you start to understand 3D world it will help you a LOT when drawing or painting even. It will expand your view and mind!


In my opinion, you should try out the speed modelling contests on IRC (#smc on They help you advance quickly in Blender and you can see your progress easily.

Feel free to PM me if you need more information

Actually 3dz, it does help me out a lot, I am glad to know that its not just me that isn’t pro over night, i just thought that i wasnt learning anything, but i actually am, i got lips from a tutorial and started making a face and decided to go my own way on it and now i have almost an entire top body… I just needed some motivation i guess, thanks you guys.

here is my little character i am making now…

Im glad that i could motivate you up, and helped to understand that everyone has gone trough what you are feeling :slight_smile:

btw. By looking at your model , I can say that you have learned much allready: You are NOT totally n00b :). I didnt even create that much when i was been learning 3D in 2 years! You are potential 3D artist in future. Keep on going on path of 3D :slight_smile:

Good, that makes me happier. :stuck_out_tongue: