Does Blender run on Mac mini? it dosnt say it suits with it on… it has the right OS… but I want to check before I get serious about getting a mac…

It does, but as far as I know, not the best. Maybe a graphics card problem. But the current mini should do fine, I guess?!

… not the best… in what way?

the graphics card is crappy, but it should work for most small to medium scenes. Rendering will be a bitch on the slow proc, but you’ll have to get used to that on a mini.

I hate to say it, and I am a mac fan, but you just can’t really get a good mac for under a grand and a half. Under that you might as well get a Dell. Hell, you can even run OS X on it, but I, for legal purposes, warn against ever discussing that again here. :eyebrowlift2:


Yes Sam, dont forget to cover ur ass on the legal end lol

and as stated before, rendering should be slow but the 3d view port and poly amount that it can handle should be well in normal limits

He’s probably talking about the built-in intel 950 graphics chip on the mini (and the lowest model iMac, and the Mac Book models - not the Mac Book Pro models though).

Read this thread about Blender on Macs.

It looks like those 3 macs that have the built-in intel graphics chip seem to have some occasional graphical glitches. Not to say they don’t work, but the GUI and the tools seem to freak out with some functions.

And yes, I’m a huge Mac fan myself - I am in serious lust over the Mac Pros and the Mac Book Pros, just ask my wife :slight_smile:

It’s not exactly Illegal to run MacOS X on a dell, as far as I know, but it probably won’t work due to hardware incompatiblity. :frowning:

Thank you for all the replys, I’ve determined mac mini is not the way to go, because about the only way to fix it is to rip the thing open and mess around with the parts lol, I’ll probably delay it for a while and look at the imac instead and continue running blender on Windows XP…

Obligatory linux plug here.

If you’re looking for a good blender experience, a good system running linux can be built for less money than getting a mac. You can get dashboards etc for linux too if you want the look and feel of osx. Similar application compatibilty etc. Just a suggestion.