Hello, this is my first post in this forum. I’m totaly new in blender, I even didn’t download blender to my computer but I have one question: can I make in blender an interior of a house, room, shop and so on? Can I for example make a shop and that I could see everyting that’s in the shop through the windows? (but everything has to look real!!!)
And, where can I find basic basic explanations about how to begin with blender and so on?

Hi, welcome to BlenderArtists!

First of all, go here.

Those look pretty damn realistic. If you work hard enough, you can get really realistic results :slight_smile:

Welcome, belender is really overwhelming to get into without tutorials, I would recommend if you have the cash to get hold of “the essential blender” book, or else do a search for blender video tutorials on the internet, there are hundreds of them.