I have a question.I don’t know if my message is in the correct topic
I’m a newbie to blender and I have a question. I want to make a 3D animation with my son and daughter in it. But the problem is that I don’t know if it is possible to make a 3D character that is looking like them? What is the easiest way I can do that?I’m a newbie or should I ask someone in the volunteer topic who can do that?


It is possible, but takes a lot of skill. No easy way will look decent.

Start by modeling something simple and rig that. Such as a 3D version of Eric Cartman.
Creating living objects is 1000x times harder than modeling static things like rooms and objects, it takes a lot of practice.

as said modeling from scratch will take lots of time and effort! , what you could do is try MakeHuman to make the “doll”, is lots of settings in MH so make your doll look as close as you can to your “model”. Then you need some really good pics of your “model” , keep lighting as flat as you can and hair “slicked” back to keep it out the way, need at least one from front and one each side, spend some time fitting the pics onto the uvmap in your fav paint proggy. with luck and some prctise you should end up with a “doll” close enough for an animation BUT it wont do close ups so well

You might also consider shooting video of your kids against a solid-coloured background and compositing them into a 3D environment. That way, you can just build simpler models (room, furnishings, etc.) or maybe find some things at BlendSwap to use in your background(s).

There are some tutorials on compositing with Blender here.

Is this really possible to put my kids that I have shot on my video to put them in a 3D enviremont?but they have to say the text upfront because that is not possible with blender if it is a video shot then?

Yes. It does take some effort, but it’s very do-able.

It’s a little hard for me to understand what you are saying here.

You are talking about speech correct? Your kids speaking/talking?

When you take a video of them, you should have the Audio/Speech as well. You can import that Audio into blender’s Video Sequence Editor (VSE).

Even if you did it entirely in 3D you’d still need to record their speech beforehand.

What I mean is that if I made a video og them that I have to take the shots when they walk or move because I will not able to let them walk in blender?What I mean is take to video shots of them and then arrange their walking cycle and lip sync in blender?


If you want to change their walk or the way their lips move you will need to build a whole 3D model for them.