questions- 3 things i'm having trouble with

Hey, just a few things i’m curious about…any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…thanks

how do I revolve or lath around a line?

how do I make an object fade in or out during animation?

How do I merge 2 blender files together?

Hi Styler, not sure if I understand you first question, but you might take a look at the ‘Curves’ section in the manual. [ You get there via the Help button].

To make an object fade in or out hit the I key in the materials panel and choose Alpha. Pretty much the same as animating movement.

To merge files, hit Shift F1 to load elemnts from another file.

Hope that helps

Question 1: Press F9, in the MeshTools panel you’ll see the Spin button. You can set the Degrees, Steps and Turns.

More info here:

All of my questions have been answered. Thanks everyone I appreciate it!