questions about 2d filters

Hi ive been playing around with 2d filters and I have a couple of questions.

If I add a 2d filter to an object via logic bricks. I notice that the filter Applies to all objects on the scene.

I would like to know how to make the filter only apply to objects I have added it to…
Or I would like to exclude objects that i choose from using the said 2d filter, so that it is only left applied on desired objects.

Are either of these things possible and any direction would be greatly appreciated.


I’m a newbie at blender but I do know, Python is safer and is less likely to crash blender.

btw the 2D filters are known to SLOW down blenders GE, but a Python script one would not…

And I do not know how to make one, so why don’t you ask around?

I know how to make python scripts. It controls all my projects. I was just wondering about the filters Im talking about only applying it to certain objects. I can activate the 2d filter actuator in python no problem.

So what your saying is a shader is my actual custom 2dfilter code. Written just in a pythin script, attached to an object? So the python figures it, whenever its run on the object? Ill search shaders now.

Some of the most recent Examples I can think of are martinsh’s Water Shaders, or his Shader for Volumetric Lighting.