Questions about Armatures

(Gr8RedShark) #1

I have some questions about armatures:

  1. I am using armatures to pose a mesh (a dragonfly) and i have several poses in mind. How can i save several poses of the same mesh in the same file without using any extra meshes?
  2. My armature is making my dragonfly have funny shaped legs. I have three bones per leg, and when I rotate the bones to bend the leg, the result is a soothly arched leg, with no evidence of any joints. I WANT to be able to see the bending points on the leg. i could just turn on subsurf, but then the whole mesh will not be smooth. Is this a problem to do with those mysterious bone weights? how do they work? and why can vertex groups be assigned a weight as well as bones having a weight and “distance”? If the answer is too long to post, here, I’ll just be directed to a good tut’l :slight_smile:

(seval) #2

answer 1. No extra meshes needed. Insert keyframes for each pose. If you do not know about keyframing…learn it, look it up.
answer2. For a very good example of what I think you are looking for…look up the “Blendo” model in the character section of the forum. This should help.

(theeth) #3

You should have a look at the Blenderchar forum: