Questions about bevel tool

I was watching a tutorial involving beveling a n-gon face on one side of a cylinder and for some reason, my Blender isnt seeming to operate like there’s.

As I understand, it should create a dome, but mine creates this useless intersecting oval shape. Now, if I poke tool the face first, it’ll make a dome but it won’t stop at the top.
I can simply do this and stop at the top, but then I’ll need to eyeball it merge at the top and it won’t be perfect. But in a Mr. Sorbias video, the spaceship one, he beveedl a ngon on a cylinder and it makes a perfect dome shape.

Enclosed is a picture of what my Blender makes. Is this normal, and if not then what is causing it?

Hi sham,

switch to object mode. Be sure you are not in edit mode and press “strg+a” and choose scale. After that try to bevel again… should work.
Reason for that is that every edit tool depends on object scale. If object scale is not 1 than every edit tool reacts to the scale or whatever.
good luck :wink:

I bet they used i-key for inset instead of ctrl-b for bevel. They are pretty similar though. Also, what Piet said, make sure that your object scale has been applied/normalized(and in case your keyboard isn’t Germanic its likely ctrl-a instead of stgr-a).

Thanks so much! You’re both life-savers! :smiley: