Questions about blender development

Open projects develop particular areas of blender quite quickly, and there’s always the dev community. But still I would like to know two things:

  1. Blender is on version 2.64. This means there were 263 (without the RCs and bug fixes) versions before. So why is the render engine so primitive and slow? It is true that cycles is changing this but I don’t see any changes related to the speed of rendering.

  2. If anyone ever used Unity, then they’ll know that Unity’s render engine is way better that the BGE one. I have one of the most stupid computers on earth for gaming (Asus EeePc with Intel Atom 450 and an Intel graphics card) and I’ve always been able to render decently at a good speed in Unity, but always got stupid renders at BGE.

Why don’t some devs focus on these two features?

The problem is that you are using a netbook as a gaming computer.