Questions About Cloth in a Rigged Character

Hey, got a few questions about cloth if someone could help out please.

I have a rocket trooper character which I’ve rigged with an armature and vertex groups. Part of the character is this long military coat that should billow out when he flies or lands.

How I’ve done it is to put bones in that control the cloth. Now that sounds great in theory, but I’ve spent 3 days now arsing around with weight painting and I can’t get it to look even sort of kind of normal or realistic. I even thought of simming it but I’d have to put a body into the clothes to get it to stand up correctly. Also, I did a bit of reading and found that you have to control the sim with vertex groups - which I think won’t work because of the fact that the vertex groups are all in use to control the rest of the mesh.

So I have two questions.

  1. Can someone suggest a sane method of weight painting the cloth so it dosen’t take 3 days to do and dosen’t look like its made of sheet tin.

  2. Is there some way of doing this as a cloth sim with the rig as it stands at the minute? Or maybe with a few alterations? I’d just like to tell the ‘tail’ of the coat that it is cloth and the rest of the outfit would be run by the armature.

Here’s a pic of the rig as it stands now.

And how it looks after rendering…
I’ve fixed some of the worst folding and warping in the mesh since these were taken.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m almost positive you can weight paint the influence of the cloth modifier as well. Just create a new vert group, paint the influence, add a cloth modifier and set the pinning to that vert group. So you should make the entire model have a value of 1 except for the part you want to have the cloth modifier on.

Looking fantastic by the way

Cool, I’ll try that out.

Thank you :smiley: