Questions about Compatibility and Hardware choices

Hello i am new to this forum and i have a question…

i have about 1000-1200 dollars to spend on a computer to run blender on.

I plan to run ubuntu 64bit with blender and also yafray

i found some distros of blender and yafray for 64bit processors.

now all i need to do is find out which hardware would be best in my situation. any and all suggestions as to what hardware runs best with the above software would be appreciated.

I know that certain motherboards and processors work better with ubuntu than others due to drivers being available.

It would be nice to know which hardware has the least amount of problems to setup with the above software and also is the most compatible with the above software.

Thanks in advance for any hint/tips/suggestions

-Be aware that 64 bits system are quite difficult to use because not all of the software you will use are prepared for that.For example you’ll have to compile blender or run it using “chroot” ( 32 bit environement in a 64 bit computer )

-Nevertheless, you can buy a 64 bit machine, install 32 OS and wait before passing to 64.

-If you plan to use Linux, never buy an ATI card ! ( drivers are really bad )

-Blender and yafray are plateform independent, choose the os you want.Ubuntu is great

don’t post general questions on news section.
thank you.