Questions about Current Frame

I have a couple of questions regarding the Current Frame Button.

I know If you click on the right side, it advances 1 frame, and on the left it decreases.

But how do you input the frame number directly, by hitting the desired number key?

Also, by clicking the Current Frame button you can play through or run through the animation in the scene, watch the objects move, etc.

But how do watch the animation scene run through completely without clicking the button all the time? I’m talking about before you render the scene to a file.

Also is there a way to loop the scene, or run it backwards or advance by variable amounts of frames?

Any help would be appreciated.

Mouse over frame display -> shift+ left click -> insert number -> press enter

Thanks for the helpful hint!

Can anyone offer me some help for the second part of my question?

Alt + A will play your animation in the 3D window for you.

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Arrow keys on the keyboard: Up/Down moves 10 frames, left/right moves one frame
Shift+Arrow moves to beginning/end of animation