Questions about driven f-curves

I’m trying to add a control point to a driver’s f-curve.

I can do it by selecting an existing control point and hitting “shift-d” to create a new one … but isn’t there a command to insert a new control point? “i” doesn’t seem to work.

Also, is it possible to run an f-curve through a driver modifier? The modifiers seem to ignore the f-curve and just take the raw input value and put that through the modifier instead.

Ctrl+LMB to add points.

Im not sure about the second question.
Some modifiers use the F-Curve, like Cycles, some dont.
Or is there a problem with one of the modifiers?

Ctrl-LMB - does that also work when you’re animating actions?

I was trying to put the f-curve through a generator in order to square it.

Actually I noticed that applying a sequence of modifiers didn’t work either. I couldn’t find an absolute value modifier, so I tried squaring (generator modifier), then square rooting (function modifier?). Blender just ignored one of the modifiers, I forget which.

Ctrl+LMB also works editing keyframes in the graph editor.

Im not sure what you mean by square.
There is a Stepped modifier that makes it square like.
You can also change the interpolation mode to linear or constant.
Or do you mean want to use the math operator squared on the fcurve?

Im lost with the last one.
I know the Built-In Function uses the Square Root in an eqution to generate a curve.

Square as in x*x = x^2

If you use the “generator” and use a second order polynomial, you can square the value.

“I was trying to put the f-curve through a generator in order to square it.”

I mabey wrong, but I dont think this is possible.

The generator modifier doesnt use the fcurve directly as input, so you cant apply the squared operator to it.
The other modifiers i looked at dont seem to provide a solution.

If im correct, the only way to achive what you want, would be to use python driver scripts.

Ok, thought so.