Questions about duplicating objects & subtitles.


I have some basic questions about Blender:

-In Adobe After Effects I could make a single object (eg a house) and then add it to a scene more times (eg, to have 4 identical houses). How I can do this in blender?

-How can I add subtitles to animation, or just a text that is not affected by lights in the scene and camera orientation (it is in front of camera, even if it rotates / moves)?

thanks in advance!


_ Shift-D to duplicate , Alt-D (on windows) to create another “instance” of the same obbject (modify one and they are all modified.
You can also link to an external file so that any change to the source file is visible in files that use that linked object.

_ I’d use the compositor nodes… Add your text as images and mix them on top of the existing film… I am sure you can find infos on the wiki…