questions about exporting to directx8 files using Blender

Hello all,

I am not new to using Blender, I have been using it off and on since it was being produced by Nan. Right now I am using v. 2.37a, and when I export a mesh to the .x format everything goes well as long as the mesh is fairly simple. As soon as I add an armature and rig the mesh wierd things start to happen. Sometimes the mesh and armature end up rotating 90 degrees after running the animation in blender, and when I load it into my program it simply doesn't animate (Although it does appear rotated by 90 degrees). Sometimes it will export fine but when I load the file in to my program it complains about missing joints.

So, my question is: Is there a special procedure I must follow to successfully export a mesh to directX8 format with armatures and animations intact of any complexity?


No one has encountered any problems with exporting to DirectX format?

I am using the mod plugin for blender 2.37a

You’ve hit on a subject that I’ve been struggling with for several weeks now. Apparently this is a problem for many .x translators (besides those available for Blender) as I have had similar problems in other applications (check the Maya and Max forums and you’ll see similar posts).

The only advice I can offer is to search for all the currently available python scripts and try them all. At last count I found 4 export scripts, all work (or don’t work) to varying degrees.

For my work (I need DirectX 9) I ended up buying Ultimate Unwrap3D ( ). Besides being a very intuitive uv mapper, it’s .x export works for my application (a simulator) which made it worth the $50 I paid.

Another tool I found (but can’t use because my app doesn’t support skeletal animation) is FragMotion ( ) besides being a fairly decent 3D animation application, imports and exports both animated .X and .bvh files. I found it very easy to import a static .x file then rig it in FragMotion and export an animated .x. For basic skeletal animation and good .x file support, it seemed worth the $20 they charge.

Good luck and be sure to share any info you find!

Thank you bigkahuna, I will look at these programs. But I don’t think the problem lies in the export script. See I found that when I try to set the origins, and rotations of the mesh and armatures to 0 using the “N” key thats when the problems start. If I don’t set everything to 0 then the three exporters I tried all fail to export. But, before I commit to an external program, I will try to see if I can figure out exacltly how to fix this and then maybe throw together a small tutorial.

As a side note I think it has to do with Blender rotating it's armatures 90 degrees when it is created. It displays fine until you try to set the rotation to 0 then it looks sideways. Anyone know haw to set an armatures origin and rotation to the current values? I mean make it's current origin and rotation mean 0 when I press "N". (If you don't understand, I don't blame you. I will post back when I can explain it better.)

As it turns out I’m stupid. If you use Alt-A, It will set the current rotation as it’s origin(?) rotation. But the x,y and z locations are off by a small amount I will see if I can figure this out.

It's amazing what you can do if you get fed up, and walk away for a day or two.

I’d first check 2.40alpha1 and confirm if this bug still exists, the exporter and importer were updated.

If it does, I would then post a bug report in bug tracker.


Will do, LetterRip. I’m off to download the alpha and see whats up.

Armature creation is fixed in 2.40alpha.