Questions about glsl, scenes, & collisions.

I have a few questions.

  1. When I go to switch and work on a different scene some of their names are surrounded by red and there is a circle next to their name. Why is that?

  2. How do I animate the glsl materials?

  3. I’m using glsl materials for my text but it has white around the letters. How do I get rid of the white box that the letters are in.

  4. What is the best type of collision for maps that won’t let you characters get through the walls. The only type that works for me is convex-hull polytype, but it also screws up the map’s bounds. Any suggestions?

  1. WTF???
    2)there will be a video texture plugin sooon
    3)make sure, that the texture has alpha information, accept alpha on map to, ZTransp and pull the alpha slider down
  2. maybe compound hulls
    ( if you want to do leveldesigning ,erverything is made out of Planes, Cubes and so on…)

Yees, what rennurb3000 said. in versions 2.47 and up you will want to press the “premul” button in the texture pannel for the materials (F6). you need to load your texture, and the premul button appears right under where the filename is listed, in the image pannel. If you do not use the premul, you might notice distortions on the edges, and it will not blend properly with the alpha.

  1. That sucks. I wanted to make fire.
  2. where is ZTransp?
  3. I use convex hull, but it sets up a barrier between every vertex so the character wallks over any holes or pits in the map.

( if you want to do leveldesigning ,erverything is made out of Planes, Cubes and so on…)

Should I make my worlds from dozens separate objects or should I set up collision objects for my map?

  1. the most are making fire with an empty, that creates planes, mapped with uv textures (and add mode)
    — hmmm try this
    uv map your plane (with a alpha tex)
    go into edit mode
    click the face, wich you want to make alpha transp
    near the multires is a tab called texture face and set alpha as blending mode
  2. you can find ztransp in the material panel
  3. it depends on the game, you want to make (?:D)
    (check your rigid body radius)
    i prefer simple objects for “sketching” the level (general hint)


Hey. I’m going to try to clear up some physics stuff:

I don’t have the latest versions of blender with me, so I’ll do the best my memory will allow:

Convex Hull Polytope: Think of this as “shrink wrap”. These physical bounds will ignore pits, holes, and any concave shape it finds (like the hole in the milk jug that makes the handle and you put your fingers through).

Box: We all know what a box is.

Compound something-or-other: This should only be used when you need an object to have a funky shape, where the physics behaves accordingly (set by how you stick multiple objects together), and will also allow you to do great things like hinges and all the rest. Or, this is what I believe, I could be wrong for this one.

Now here’s the important part: You should not be using any of those settings for a level. The level should not be and actor, not be a dynamic object, and should not have any physical bound settings. Your level should be set to just be a static object. I believe this is the default.