Questions about hair simulation

(da) #1

I show you a video of the situation:

Question 1 is - I have a sphere with hair that I try to collide with a square, the square has collision in physics. For some reason the hair does not interact with the square, tell me if I am missing any parameters.

Question 2 is - why is the simulation recalculated when I go back to the time line? how do I prevent it from being recalculated and consuming memory?

(omgold) #2

Not sure why it recomputes exactly in that case, but you can configure caching and bake in the ‘Cache’ tab.

About the collision, hair collision is a broken mess. You should see some amount of collision, but having it work reliably, hmm. It’s just buggy. You might find some parameters which help, but it’s no sure thing. Try, e.g., to reduce the mass of the hair (and adjust stiffness and air drag suitably).

(omgold) #3

What I forgot, increasing the Outer face thickness for the collision object is also a good idea.