Questions about in-game GUI

Hi all

I’ve been searching through these forums, but couldn’t find anything relating to an in-game GUI.

I know enough Blender and Python to know it can be done, but is there a simple plug-in / library whatever to do this?

I ask primarily because I’d be interested in writing one of my own, so if you have any suggestions please give them to me.

no python needed, i guess it depends on how you define GUI.
but a good place to get started with basic GUI. would be to implement the show mouse script so that users can see the mouse, then using planes and textures you can easily use an overlay scene to create a GUI or HUD.

if that hasent been enough just state pretty much exactly what you want, you may want to search for blender HUD tutorials

bgui is a Python library that can be used to create GUIs in the BGE:

Thanks! I went away and played with BGUI, it works but I think it needs more work done on it.

Anyway, I wrote a little tutorial whilst doing this: is there a good place to put this on-line in the blender world?

BGUI is still very much in progress. If you have suggestions to improve it, could you please post them in BGUI’s issue tracker?

As far as the tutorial, what exactly is it on?

I went through all the steps I had to do to get BGE up and running, so I have something that is similar (but more in-depth) than the current BGE “GettingStarted” tutorial. Also I looked at theming as well.

I know BGE is currently in progress, I’m probably looking at contributing some code when I’ve examined the current SVN more closely.

I’ve implemented a GUI (menus, scroll bars, messageboxes… etc) in Python (using Pygame) before, so it’s an area of code that I have previous experience of :slight_smile: