Questions about Linux?

Does Linux get viruses and does it limit what I can download? I realize some OS will be better depending on what you want it for but what are the best open source operating systems in general for general uses?

Linux can get viruses. It is difficult, though, because there’s not much market for Linux-specific viruses (after all, we are just a scattered bunch a’ geeks ;)), and attackers tend to target servers instead of home machines.

I do not understand what you mean with limits on the download. I’d say every OS lets you download as much as you want. If you meant install, you will be limited to Linux software. You could also use Windows software, but support for it is a bit… lessay… “variable”. Anyway, most of the software you could want has a reasonable counterpart in Linux (save games, and that’s changing).

If it is your first time using Linux, I’d say go for Ubuntu. You can try it before installing it, and comes with a desktop. Me, I moved to a Debian Sid some years ago, and I’m still using it for production. I wouldn’t recommend that option to a first timer, though, as you got to familiarize yourself with the workings of Linux.

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My best suggestion is that you simply look for the best computer environment for you, that runs Blender well.

Linux is an extremely powerful and completely open-source system, but you can also find yourself “futzing with it” maybe more than you really want to. There is something to be said for both Windows and OS/X in that regard because they have vendors which do most of the “futzing” for you. It really is your decision, though, and that decision should be vested in: “what do I want to use the computer for, and what environment do I personally feel most comfortable with?”

(As I gaze around the room where I am sitting, there’s an example of all three types of systems, and they’re all doing something for me at the moment. Every one was put together “for a particular purpose” and to have the best (IMHO) configuration needed for that purpose.

“Pick the cart you like, pick the horse you like, and make sure that the combination can haul rocks good. Remember that you bought both things to haul rocks with, and that you’re hauling those rocks because you need to move 'em.”

yes but with a HUGE ? BUT!!!
there are something like 1.5 MILLION variations of Microsoft viruses and malware

there are about 12 to 24 linux ones

mostly you have “root-kits” that a PERSON!!! ( you or a cracker) installs
this is also TRUE on Windows and OSX

but again there are CURRENTLY !! ZERO!!! in the wild

and does it limit what I can download?

that depends on what YOU!!! define " limit "

Microsoft windows WILL NOT run linux and apple programs
Apple will not run Microsoft and Linux programs
Linux will NOT run Microsoft and Apple software

Now there ARE emulators
on Windows there is MinGW to run SOME!!! Linux software ( build from source )
and on Linux there is WINE to run SOME!!! Microsoft software

when i was still using Microsoft ( XP) back in 2005 i found i was using 95+% LINUX software that i was building on XP using MinGW
so i dumped Microsoft and have not looked back
i DO NOT own a license to LEASE vista,win7 , win8, win8.1 nor will i ever lease windows10

Now “linux” is actually JUST!!! the kernel it is NOT!!! a operating system
for that i use OpenSUSE 13.2
and the FREE clone of RHEL6.6 " ScientificLinux 6.6 "
these are RPM based operating systems

on the other side
– light side or dark side of the force –
or the Union VS confederate in 1860’s ( i live in Michigan my daughter is in Atlanta a real North / south thing )

the other side is Debian
i also run Debian 8.1

in the Debian family is Linux Mint , and Ubuntu

then there about 150 small "cookie cutter distros "

now some OS’s are a bit more secure than others ( but not by much )

Ubuntu is likely the lease secure by DEFAULT
Do to it’s odd use of SUDO

the most is likely RHEL 7.1 it uses the USA - NSA SElinux ( Security Enhanced Linux Kernel )

– edit –