Questions about netrender

I’ve got the Network Render add-on setup and working on a few computers but I’ve got a couple of questions.
First - the easy one. Where do I find the final output? I see the slaves chugging away producing exr files for my frames, but do they get sent back to my client machine at the end? If so where are they stored? I checked in the temp dir specified in the netrender client setup and didn’t find anything except one all-black exr file. Or are they stored on the master machine? Or do I need to retrieve the individual files from the slaves manually?
My second question has to do with netrender and dynamic paint. Do they work together? I’ve been using the vertex color method which works great for my current project (animated text being written on a chalkboard). When I render it over the network, I can see that the slaves are receiving all the baked .bphys files as dependencies, but they’re not rendering the dynamic paint. Do I need to bake the paint to an image sequence and UV-map to make it work over the network? What about paint deforms?

I do not fully know this stuff but just experimenting too.
Rendered files should go to the same place as with normal rendering and not to the temp folder. Rendered files should go to Output folder specified by normal renderer.

Thanks, that helps. I didn’t realize it at first, but my slaves kept running out of disk space (Debian defaults to a 256MB tmp partition!) so I guess they never delivered the output and that’s why I couldn’t find it. I’m trying again now using bigger disks.

Still no joy. All the frames were rendered and the render master has all the exr files stored but they didn’t make it back to my client. Do I need to click ‘Get Animation’ or something on the client after the render is done?