questions about .obj format

Hi. I got the .obj import/export script for Blender. When I exported one of models, it came out to a huge file size (~8.5MB), when I have seen other .obj files that are in the low KBs. It contains a high verticie count, but is it supposed to be this large?

Also, does the .obj format also contain my textures, materials, and armatures, or is it only verticies?



try remove doubles. also, you don’t need a script anymore. it’s built in. also, obj. format usually includes UV coords, so, if there are textures, they are usually in a seperate folder that comes zipped with the model. so you might have to load those in the UV editor or the textures window. if you load them as textures be sure to change ‘orco’ in materials to ‘UV’

I am sure doubles are removed, but it still seems large. When I export it the other file along with the .obj is all the materials and stuff?


materials should be in a .mtl file

I don’t know how much they store

obj files are mostly text and are rather large (I have a couple of highpoly [subsurf 5? and then triangulated possibly] suzannes which weigh 85Mb)

Okay. Thanks.


Will other programs, such as Maya, 3Ds max, and Light Wave be able to understand the material file that is exported?